How To Ensure A Smooth Booking Experience For Our Escorts

If you are looking for our services, then here are some tips to help you ensure that your expectations are met right, and how to make the entire booking smoother.

Not all escorts with us work full time. This means that some of them may be university students, Diploma students, working an office job in the day time, or perhaps taking on multiple part time jobs. This means that if you only want and wish to meet one particular girl, and are not open to any kinds of other recommendations whatsoever, then it is important to place a prior booking with us to prevent any kind of disappointments. Such advance appointments made and bookings set up will be requiring a deposit of 50% of the total payment upfront, so that we can confirm the slot for you for the lady you have picked and so wish to meet.

Another point related to the above is that if you wish to meet at odd hours, such as at 1am, you are recommended to make this booking beforehand at least multiple hours beforehand. Some escort girls may sleep earlier, and may not be able to be available to meet you if you only contact us near that time. However, if you make a prior booking earlier in the evening say at 7pm, she will be able to prepare for the appointment, and still meet you. In such a situation with few hours advance notice, there will be no problems at all.

Provide us with your verification details and verified identity documents when requested for by our agent. The reason we want to mention this is because many first time customers are worried, and refuse to give – in that case too bad, you will not be able to meet whom you want, and we may block you. If you want to use our services, then make sure to send us your documents and details as requested for by our agent, so that we can speed up your appointment booking process.

Also, before approaching us, please decide where you will like to meet our ladies. There is only out call with our company, as is the case with most agencies in Singapore. So make sure to decide properly first!

Where Can You Meet Our Models In Singapore?

If you are looking for location suggestions to meet our ladies in Singapore, then here are some of our recommendations!

We do not allow for offshore neighbourhoods. For instance, even if you are a verified client, and you would like to meet her at a location like Pulau Ubin or Kusu Island, that will not be allowed. Due to safety reasons, all neighbourhoods that you pick to meet the lady will need to be within the mainland! Even if you were to meet on the main island of our country first, please do not bring the escort to an offshore area. This is for safety reasons, so please keep it to within the mainland!

Due to safety reasons once again as well, places like going onto your yacht, whether it is yours or chartered, will also not be allowed. Yes, we know your yacht is luxurious and you want to show it off to a hot girl. But, no. Basically, you get the gist! Mainland and on the land is recommended!mainland city

If you are a foreigner to our country, and would like to meet near your residence, please make sure that you are not staying at what is considered a budget location. Our escorts are not keen in meeting there, and they do not wish to meet potential ‘Bangladeshi workers’. No offence intended, just strictly business.

Central areas are always recommended, so that the travelling time for the girls would be fast and you can meet them quicker. If you are intending to arrange for a date at a seriously outskirt area, then keep in mind that she will take far longer to reach you as well. Since most customers want it fast, then make sure to meet in a central location. Do note that different neighbourhood areas and locations will mean that the girl will take different amounts of time to travel to you. Here is a rough guide for how long they will take to travel on average.

How Long Will The Escorts Take To Travel On Average?

Wanting to make an urgent booking and wondering how long the lady would take to arrive? Here are some average numbers and guidelines which you can refer to as a rough gauge. We understand that you are excited for your booking, however, there are still some physical limitations as we explain further below.

While Singapore is a relatively small country, the public transportation is widely hailed as efficient, the truth is, it is if you judge it in terms of its reachability. However, it does not necessarily transport anyone to their destination anywhere as fast as some public transportation in certain other countries do. There are tons of transfers to be made to get from one place to another, and it can be quite a hassle in terms of the time needed too. Therefore, many escorts use taxi rides as their primary way of travelling to your location. However, the local roads can be very congested especially if the weather is rainy or it is during peak hours of 5pm to 730pm. Therefore, as long as your meeting neighbourhood area is central of the city, it will take approximately anywhere between 20 to 40 minutes just for the travelling time alone.


The ladies will need some time to put on make up as well as dress appropriately and nicely for your date with her. Unless she happens to be out and about and looking perfect already, she will need some time to do these preparation. Most of them will take anywhere between 15 to 25 minutes for this part. This means that the total so far will be that of 35 to one hour plus. To be realistic, travelling time will require 1 hour plus if the lady happens to be available at the moment you contact us for a booking. With that said, please keep in mind this average potential travelling time before making an appointment with us, so that you can either contact us earlier, or simply keep the above in mind when it comes to the timing expectations!

If you do not know how to make an appointment, make sure to catch our post on how to place a booking with us here.

Why Do Local Nationality Escorts Not Show Their Faces?

Virtually all Singaporean escorts do not show their face photos. Whether you are browsing on an agency site or on a classified ad or directory site, what you will definitely quickly notice is that when it comes to the local women, they simply do not reveal their entire faces. Either it is partially covered, or blurred out, they simply do not show their face photos or pictures. Why is that the case?

Singapore has a very conservative and kaypoh culture. For the foreigners, kaypoh means busybody. This combination means that the people here in the city feels that many things are considered taboo – including working as an escort. When you combine such sentiments with that of a kaypoh culture, people tend to spread news about such taboo stuff. Thus, if a girl’s face photos and pictures are exposed on a website working as a paid companion, she will be easily shunned and publicly made fun of on online forums and whatnot such as the recent cases of the rent a friend companions who were publicly judged and laughed at on forums like EDMW. That will be fine if the women and ladies are not bothered. However, that leads us to the next point.

People also care about their reputation a lot in the city. What does that mean? This means that people care about the impression that others have about them, as well as their reputation. Therefore, if they get publicly judged like mentioned in the previous paragraph, it can be like living hell for these women. In an Asian culture, any such events can be disastrous in the minds of the person affected.

With such a unique combination, which is more common in Southeast Asia, and definitely more in SG city, it is no wonder that regardless of where you look for a native woman, you will not be able to get a genuine one without having her photos and pictures at least partially censored. On the flip side, this also means that if you see face images, chances are, it is a fake image, or the girl is not actually local and just pretending to be one so that they can charge more for their services to their clients and customers.

Multiple News Of Shut Down Of Vice Websites In Singapore


In recent years, there has been doubling down on shutting down vice websites promoting prostitution illegally in Singapore. Actually, many of these websites have always been shut down, but new ones have been popping up in place of them, albeit under a slightly different name. If you want a real escort instead, then look for our social escorts here.

While some say that part of the reason that the government is taking such strong action against these websites to gain favour for the upcoming elections, we say that it is simply good governance to shut down these websites.

Among the sites hit by the shut down, SGWolves was among the largest ever when it came to vice sites operating here. It was basically a site run by mainland Chinese foreigners, which was targeted at male clients in Singapore. It basically served as an online portal, listing site and directory website which placed the details as well as the sexual services provided by the various mainland Chinese foreign girls on itself.

Such websites are actually about as illegal as they can possibly get.

First of all, they are operating a remote communication device, which is their website, to solicit prostitution publicly over the Internet. Under the new and updated Section 146A to the Women’s Charter, such services are also outlawed even though it is not done in public, and is being promoted through the Internet as well as through mobile communication phones.

Second of all, these women are not even allowed to work in the country! While there may be legal prostitutes working under licenced brothels which are considered a relic of the past, sites like the above are definitely new, and these women whose services are advertised on it over the Internet are definitely not locals, and do not hold legal and valid work passes for the country. This is because our city state does not issue such work passes. Therefore, these women are all considered illegal aliens and part of an illegal and underground work force in SG.

While sites like these sometimes take longer than normal to get busted by the local police force due to the obscurity of the services, and many layers of people in between the front facing prostitutes and the backend masterminds, the local police force has successfully done so. In fact, over 170 people in the entire syndicate has been caught in 2019, and such giant operations are usually the result of very careful planning. Yet despite this seemingly large sounding number, many have insisted that the real masterminds are still scot free in China, and many citizens have rallied online to call for even stricter bans on such vice websites and activities within Singapore, as there is little that the locals themselves can do as these operations are not even conducted by locals.

Unfortunately, other illegal sites under other names such as TTvip have also popped up after it, and so the police force is constantly kept busy! If you spot any such sites like the above, you are strongly recommended to report them to the police force at all times.

Why Backpage SG Was Shut Down In Singapore

Ever since Backpage Singapore was shut down in April 2018, some people are confused as to where to look for escorts. If you want a legal alternative in Singapore go here. Otherwise, let us first take a quick look at what Backpage is.

police 1

For the people who have never heard of it before, Backpage Singapore is actually a regular classified ads site, which is similar to others such as Craigslist. For instance, there are other similar sites like this in Singapore such as Locanto and Gumtree which are more popular in Singapore. There was a personals segment under Backpage SG, and people used it to advertise. The problem was that there was found to be underaged prostitutes working there, human trafficking and more. As a result of that, the United States government decided to step in and shut down the site for good. While not the biggest, it was definitely a sizeable site in Singapore as well, as Backpage was an international operation.

Ever since that happened, other sites like Craigslist have removed their personals segment altogether to prevent unnecessary trouble. However, there are also other illegal sites operating in Singapore and they are constantly being shut down by the local government. Here is an article talking about a different website SG888 which was also recently shut down.police 2

While the laws differ from country to country and jurisdiction, any website soliciting or facilitating prostitution in any way in Singapore is deemed illegal. You are highly recommended to avoid all such sites if the site does such activities. These operations are often busted by the local police, and you definitely do not want to be photographed by the media during such an operation when you are with one of their girls! So while you may get excited, remember, you are ruining your entire life if you find them through sites like Backpage.

How To Place A Booking With Us?

If you are looking to make a booking and appointment with one of our girls in Singapore, then here are some steps which you may want to note.

  • You can look through our list of gallery of photographs of the various listed girls. After taking a look at the details of the models as well as the price, you can perhaps come up with a few names whom you prefer meeting! Most of our clients usually have certain preferences for looks and pricing, so you can decide that beforehand.
  • You can just reach out to us afterwards, with two main details – the location and the girls whom you are open to meeting. Not every escort is available at any given moment, therefore, provide us those details so that we can advise you accordingly.
  • We will advise you on who is available at what timings. For instance, we will provide you the names and the estimated time of arrival for the shortlisted girls at the location.
  • Now, you will make your decision as to whom you prefer. In the event that you would like extra photographs of a particular model before making your confirmation for the appointment, we will be able to forward you some extra but censored photos of the girl.
  • You can now make your decision. Let us just take it as you had confirmed for one of the girls, at a particular timing at your location.  In certain cases, we will require a prepayment or deposit from you. In other cases, our agent may require basic details from you before confirming the booking.
  • The lady will now prepare for the date with you and look pretty and move off towards you.
  • We will message you once again when the lady is near. Please kindly make sure that you are there before she arrives.
  • You will get to meet her!
  • After the date, you are free to contact us anytime again to make a new appointment.

Why Do Escorts Cost More Than Rent A Friend?

An escort would cost you much more than a rental friend, or what some call rent a friend services. Why is that the case? Some people think they are the same and should cost the same, but it really is not if we take a deep dive into it.

Previously, we have already talked about differences between escorts and sugar babies. Similarly, while there are overlaps between rental friends and services like ours as well, many things are vastly different.

First of all, the former is about buying a girlfriend. This means that you are getting the experience of having a girlfriend during the period of time that you are with the girl. This means that the girl will behave exactly as though she were already your real girlfriend. On the other hand, the latter is exactly like what its name suggests, and you are renting a friend. Even if the person is that of an opposite gender, it is strictly platonic, no romance. She is just like the buddy who has already friendzoned you! Sad but true!

Secondly, all agencies in the city are not allowed to arrange for sexual services. However, the latter does not even let you hold the girl’s hand or something as simple as that. Even basic things like that are not allowed, and even light touches on the shoulders or waist is prohibited. That is definitely a reason why the former is seen as a more exclusive service.

Thirdly, the former usually provides people who are less curated. This means that you will bump into potential ah lians, lowly educated people and such. However, with a high class agency, you are almost guaranteed of only meeting eloquent and classy women. That is definitely part of the reason why the former costs more and is viewed as more exclusive for clients and is often seen as a form of status symbol too.

SG888 And SGWolves – Why You Should Ideally Avoid Them

If you do not want trouble, then make sure to avoid sites like SG888 and SGWolves, which is two websites run likely by the same operations. If you want an actual escort girl, then find places like us instead.

SGWolves, followed by SG888 has been banned by Singapore

Just like sites like the newer TTvip7, sites like SGWolves and SG888, which were basically online brothels marketing prostitution publicly over the Internet has been in Singapore for quite a while now. Due to it being a clear violator of many local laws, many reports as well as police investigations have caused such sites to be found illegal. As a result of that, they sites like SGWolves and SG888SG are then brought down by the local IMDA and then being censored.

These are not escort sites, unlike what some people refer to them as. These are just online prostitution sites which are pretending to be not. Unlike what some people think, escorts are perfectly legal here, as they sell their companionship and time. On the other hand, prostitution, which is the selling of sexual services, is not illegal in itself. However, public soliciting such as through websites like SG888 is not right. Therefore, these sites run afoul of the local laws.

If you do not want to be part of a syndicate busted during a police sting, then avoid sites like these

While sometimes the clients may be in the wrong, most of the times, it is just the operators who will be arrested and investigated. However, if you happen to be with one of the women during a sting, the police will usually want as much help as they possibly can. And if they feel that you may provide them with some information, you will be interrogated as well. Just imagine the embarrassment if you happened to be photographed at the scene, or your friends and family found out about this. Quite the embarrassing thing for a Singaporean guy. Therefore, you are strongly recommended to avoid all vice activities and such places.

Who Are The Men Who Look For Escorts?

Have you ever wondered about the type of men and clients who look for local escorts? Here are some insights into their demographics without any private details being revealed due to privacy policy reasons.

First of all, most of these men are actually middle aged. Most of them are aged in their late 30s to very early 50s. One of the main reasons this could be an explanation is because such services and companions definitely do not come cheap. As a result, only those who have worked hard for a long time feel financially confident to book such services. Of course, there are the exceptional ones in their 20s who are tremendously successful in their businesses or careers who will book such services too.

Second of all, for the high end girls, the clients are actually all only white collared professionals or business executives. There is almost nobody who is not belonging to this group of profession. Once again, the reason is actually financial. At the end of the day, escorts do not come cheap, and that is a big factor in determining who are the main demographics who look for them or agencies.

Third of all, some may be attached, some may be single. However, just like it is legal going to the night clubs or hostess clubs even if you are attached, it is legal to engage services like ours. Just like most other dating platforms, nightclubs or even hostess clubs, there are both attached as well as single men. In fact, some of them are also freshly divorced and do not intend to get into a serious relationship anytime soon, so they look for paid companions instead in the meantime.

Now that you know the types of men who look for our type of services, here are reasons why many of them do so!