How Singapore’s Culture Will Affect Your Service Experience

If you are a customer looking for a Singapore escort agency, here are some things which may affect your experience locally in our country as a direct result of our local culture.

When it comes to SG, the local culture is a very conservative one, and this means several different things.

Girls in SG do not reveal facial images of themselves

Local ladies do not show their face photos. This is because working as one can be seen as taboo by the people here in Singapore, and as a result of these girls not wanting to be judged by strangers, friends or family members, they choose not to show their full facial images to customers to prevent being identified. Therefore, if you are a first timer looking for a Singaporean, you can rest assured that it is perfectly normal for faces only to be partially shown.

There is no street in which people give out promotional flyers etc

Nobody gives out flyers or cards for the workers like you may encounter in other cities around the world like Las Vegas. This simply does not happen, and this is seen as a good thing by many tourists as well, as they do not want to be solicited in public for sure. Therefore, when you are in our country and city, the only way to find escorts is online like through places like our website.SG

Because there are so few genuine local providers working in SG due to the conservative culture, prices in our city for them are definitely far higher than that of neighbouring cities.

While there are ladies in our city soliciting for business at certain bars, lounges, and perhaps even certain nightclubs, these are almost exclusively foreigners working their way around town trying to grab some business. However, if you are just like most of us, you prefer a real Singaporean girl, and if so, these women simply cannot be found online. So if you bump into someone along places like Clarke Quay claiming to be a local and soliciting for business, chances are almost guaranteed that she is definitely lying to you. So beware of such people publicly soliciting!

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