How To Ensure A Smooth Booking Experience For Our Escorts With No Hiccups

If you are looking for our Singapore escorts’ services, then here are some tips to help you ensure that your expectations are met right, and how to make the entire booking smoother.

Confirming in advance will be a good idea

Not all escorts with us work full time. This means that some of them may be university students, Diploma students, working an office job in the day time, or perhaps taking on multiple part time jobs. This means that if you only want and wish to meet one particular girl, and are not open to any kinds of other recommendations whatsoever, then it is important to place a prior booking with us to prevent any kind of disappointments. Such advance appointments made and bookings set up will be requiring a deposit of 50% of the total payment upfront, so that we can confirm the slot for you for the lady you have picked and so wish to meet.

Odd hour bookings are to be made in advance by approximately 1 to 3 hours at least

Another point related to the above is that if you wish to meet at odd hours, such as at 1am, you are recommended to make this booking beforehand at least multiple hours beforehand. Some escort girls may sleep earlier, and may not be able to be available to meet you if you only contact us near that time. However, if you make a prior booking earlier in the evening say at 7pm, she will be able to prepare for the appointment, and still meet you. In such a situation with few hours advance notice, there will be no problems at all.

Quickly provide any details when required to facilitate a faster process

Provide us with your verification details and verified identity documents when requested for by our agent. The reason we want to mention this is because many first time customers are worried, and refuse to give – in that case too bad, you will not be able to meet whom you want, and we may block you. If you want to use our services, then make sure to send us your documents and details as requested for by our agent, so that we can speed up your appointment booking process.

Also, before approaching us, please decide where you will like to meet our ladies. There is only out call with our company, as is the case with most agencies in Singapore. So make sure to decide properly first!

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