Where Can You Meet Our Models In Singapore? Only Out Call

If you are looking for location suggestions to meet our escort ladies in Singapore, then here are some of our recommendations!

Only mainland location area

We do not allow for offshore neighbourhoods. For instance, even if you are a verified client, and you would like to meet her at a location like Pulau Ubin or Kusu Island, that will not be allowed. Due to safety reasons, all neighbourhoods that you pick to meet the lady will need to be within the mainland! Even if you were to meet on the main island of our country first, please do not bring the escort to an offshore area. This is for safety reasons, so please keep it to within the mainland!

Due to safety reasons once again as well, places like going onto your yacht, whether it is yours or chartered, will also not be allowed. Yes, we know your yacht is luxurious and you want to show it off to a hot girl. But, no. Basically, you get the gist! Mainland and on the land is recommended!

No budget area or neighbourhoodmainland city

If you are a foreigner to our country, and would like to meet near your residence, please make sure that you are not staying at what is considered a budget location. Our escorts are not keen in meeting there, and they do not wish to meet potential ‘Bangladeshi workers’. No offence intended, just strictly business.

Central area is recommended to reduce travelling time

Central areas are always recommended, so that the travelling time for the girls would be fast and you can meet them quicker. If you are intending to arrange for a date at a seriously outskirt area, then keep in mind that she will take far longer to reach you as well. Since most customers want it fast, then make sure to meet in a central location. Do note that different neighbourhood areas and locations will mean that the girl will take different amounts of time to travel to you. Here is a rough guide for how long they will take to travel on average.

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