Frustrated With Why Local Nationality Escorts Not Show Their Faces?

Virtually all Singaporean escorts do not show their face photos. Whether you are browsing on an agency site or on a classified ad or directory site, what you will definitely quickly notice is that when it comes to the local women, they simply do not reveal their entire faces. Either it is partially covered, or blurred out, they simply do not show their face photos or pictures. Why is that the case?

Locals are too kaypoh so local providers safeguard themselves against this

Singapore has a very conservative and kaypoh culture. For the foreigners, kaypoh means busybody. This combination means that the people here in the city feels that many things are considered taboo – including working as an escort. When you combine such sentiments with that of a kaypoh culture, people tend to spread news about such taboo stuff. Thus, if a girl’s face photos and pictures are exposed on a website working as a paid companion, she will be easily shunned and publicly made fun of on online forums and whatnot such as the recent cases of the rent a friend companions who were publicly judged and laughed at on forums like EDMW. That will be fine if the women and ladies are not bothered. However, that leads us to the next point.

Reputation is very important to the natives

People also care about their reputation a lot in the city. What does that mean? This means that people care about the impression that others have about them, as well as their reputation. Therefore, if they get publicly judged like mentioned in the previous paragraph, it can be like living hell for these women. In an Asian culture, any such events can be disastrous in the minds of the person affected.

With such a unique combination, which is more common in Southeast Asia, and definitely more in SG city, it is no wonder that regardless of where you look for a native woman, you will not be able to get a genuine one without having her photos and pictures at least partially censored. On the flip side, this also means that if you see face images, chances are, it is a fake image, or the girl is not actually local and just pretending to be one so that they can charge more for their services to their clients and customers.

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