Consecutive Shut Down Of Multiple Vice Websites In Singapore


In recent years, there has been doubling down on shutting down vice websites promoting prostitution illegally in Singapore. Actually, many of these websites have always been shut down, but new ones have been popping up in place of them, albeit under a slightly different name. If you want a real escort instead, then look for ours here.

While some say that part of the reason that the government is taking such strong action against these websites to gain favour for the upcoming elections, we say that it is simply good governance to shut down these websites.

Among the sites hit by the shut down, SGWolves was among the largest ever when it came to vice sites operating here. It was basically a site run by mainland Chinese foreigners, which was targeted at male clients in Singapore. It basically served as an online portal, listing site and directory website which placed the details as well as the sexual services provided by the various mainland Chinese foreign girls on itself.

Such websites are actually about as illegal as they can possibly get.

First of all, they are operating a remote communication device, which is their website, to solicit prostitution publicly over the Internet. Under the new and updated Section 146A to the Women’s Charter, such services are also outlawed even though it is not done in public, and is being promoted through the Internet as well as through mobile communication phones.

Second of all, these women are not even allowed to work in the country! While there may be legal prostitutes working under licenced brothels which are considered a relic of the past, sites like the above are definitely new, and these women whose services are advertised on it over the Internet are definitely not locals, and do not hold legal and valid work passes for the country. This is because our city state does not issue such work passes. Therefore, these women are all considered illegal aliens and part of an illegal and underground work force in SG.

While sites like these sometimes take longer than normal to get busted by the local police force due to the obscurity of the services, and many layers of people in between the front facing prostitutes and the backend masterminds, the local police force has successfully done so. In fact, over 170 people in the entire syndicate has been caught in 2019, and such giant operations are usually the result of very careful planning. Yet despite this seemingly large sounding number, many have insisted that the real masterminds are still scot free in China, and many citizens have rallied online to call for even stricter bans on such vice websites and activities within Singapore, as there is little that the locals themselves can do as these operations are not even conducted by locals.

Unfortunately, other illegal sites under other names such as TTvip have also popped up after it, and so the police force is constantly kept busy! If you spot any such sites like the above, you are strongly recommended to report them to the police force at all times.

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