Why Backpage SG Got Seized By The Police In Singapore

Ever since Backpage Singapore was shut down in April 2018, some people are confused as to where to look for escorts. If you want a legal alternative in Singapore go here for Singapore escorts. Otherwise, let us first take a quick look at what Backpage is.

police 1

For the people who have never heard of it before, Backpage Singapore is actually a regular classified ads site, which is similar to others such as Craigslist. For instance, there are other similar sites like this in Singapore such as Locanto and Gumtree which are more popular in Singapore. There was a personals segment under Backpage SG, and people used it to advertise. The problem was that there was found to be underaged prostitutes working there, human trafficking and more. As a result of that, the United States government decided to step in and shut down the site for good. While not the biggest, it was definitely a sizeable site in Singapore as well, as Backpage was an international operation.

Ever since that happened, other sites like Craigslist have removed their personals segment altogether to prevent unnecessary trouble. However, there are also other illegal sites operating in Singapore and they are constantly being shut down by the local government. Here is an article talking about a different website SG888 which was also recently shut down. In fact there are multiple shut down of illegal vice websites in such a similar space recently.police 2

While the laws differ from country to country and jurisdiction, any website soliciting or facilitating prostitution in any way in Singapore is deemed illegal. You are highly recommended to avoid all such sites if the site does such activities. These operations are often busted by the local police, and you definitely do not want to be photographed by the media during such an operation when you are with one of their girls! So while you may get excited, remember, you are ruining your entire life if you find them through sites like Backpage.

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