Why Are Escort Prices So Exorbitant Compared To Rental Friends?

An escort in Singapore would cost you much more than a rental friend, or what some call rent a friend services. Why is that the case? Some people think they are the same and should cost the same, but it really is not if we take a deep dive into it.

Former is like having a girlfriend, the latter is about getting a friend who has friendzoned you

First of all, the former is about buying a girlfriend. This means that you are getting the experience of having a girlfriend during the period of time that you are with the girl. This means that the SG girl will behave exactly as though she were already your real girlfriend. On the other hand, the latter is exactly like what its name suggests, and you are renting a friend. Even if the person is that of an opposite gender, it is strictly platonic, no romance. She is just like the buddy who has already friendzoned you! Sad but true!

Even non sexual touches are not allowed by the latter – ridiculous!

Secondly, all agencies in Singapore city are not allowed to arrange for sexual services. However, the latter does not even let you hold the girl’s hand or something as simple as that. Even basic things like that are not allowed, and even light touches on the shoulders or waist is prohibited. That is definitely a reason why the former is seen as a more exclusive service.

The former is more selective of who they hire, the latter is not

Thirdly, the former usually provides people who are less curated. This means that you will bump into potential ah lians, lowly educated people and such. However, with a high class agency, you are almost guaranteed of only meeting eloquent and classy women. That is definitely part of the reason why the former costs more and is viewed as more exclusive for clients and is often seen as a form of status symbol too.

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