SG888 And SGWolves – Why You Should Ideally Avoid Them

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If you do not want trouble, then make sure to avoid sites like SG888 and SGWolves, which is two websites run likely by the same operations.

SGWolves, followed by SG888 has been banned by Singapore

Just like sites like the newer TTvip7, sites like SGWolves and SG888, which were basically online brothels marketing prostitution publicly over the Internet has been in Singapore for quite a while now. Due to it being a clear violator of many local laws, many reports as well as police investigations have caused such sites to be found illegal. As a result of that, they sites like SGWolves and SG888SG are then brought down by the local IMDA and then being censored.

These are not escort sites, unlike what some people refer to them as. These are just online prostitution sites which are pretending to be not. Unlike what some people think, escorts are perfectly legal here, as they sell their companionship and time. On the other hand, prostitution, which is the selling of sexual services, is not illegal in itself. However, public soliciting such as through websites like SG888 is not right. Therefore, these sites run afoul of the local laws.

If you do not want to be part of a syndicate busted during a police sting, then avoid sites like these

While sometimes the clients may be in the wrong, most of the times, it is just the operators who will be arrested and investigated. However, if you happen to be with one of the women during a sting, the police will usually want as much help as they possibly can. And if they feel that you may provide them with some information, you will be interrogated as well. Just imagine the embarrassment if you happened to be photographed at the scene, or your friends and family found out about this. Quite the embarrassing thing for a Singaporean guy. Therefore, you are strongly recommended to avoid all vice activities and such places.

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