Inside Look Into The Demographics Of The Guys Who Look For Escorts

Have you ever wondered about the type of men and clients who look for local Singapore escorts? Here are some insights into their demographics without any private details being revealed due to privacy policy reasons.

Aged 30s to 50s in general

First of all, most of these men are actually middle aged. Most of them are aged in their late 30s to very early 50s. One of the main reasons this could be an explanation is because such services and companions definitely do not come cheap. As a result, only those who have worked hard for a long time feel financially confident to book such services. Of course, there are the exceptional ones in their 20s who are tremendously successful in their businesses or careers who will book such services too.

Top executives

Second of all, for the high end girls, the clients are actually all only white collared professionals or business executives. There is almost nobody who is not belonging to this group of profession. Once again, the reason is actually financial. At the end of the day, escorts do not come cheap, and that is a big factor in determining who are the main demographics who look for them or agencies.

Some may be attached, others are single

Third of all, some may be attached, some may be single. However, just like it is legal going to the night clubs or hostess clubs even if you are attached, it is legal to engage services like ours. Just like most other dating platforms, nightclubs or even hostess clubs, there are both attached as well as single men. In fact, some of them are also freshly divorced and do not intend to get into a serious relationship anytime soon, so they look for paid companions instead in the meantime.

Now that you know the types of men who look for our type of services, here are reasons why many of them do so!

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