TTvip7 Singapore And SGlala – Is This Website Even Legal In SG?

If you want to skip to the quick conclusion, then the answer is it is not legal. If you want to engage legal providers, then find our Singapore escort ladies here.

For elaboration, read on.

Are these sites safe for you to use as a client?

Before you even ask this question, here are some things you may definitely want to note:

Online solicitation of prostitution is illegal, as it is considered as soliciting over a public medium.

Working in Singapore without a valid and relevant work permit or permanent residency or citizenship is illegal. And SG does not issue work passes for prostitutes.

With the above said, let us look at the sites in question

While browsing these websites in itself will be unlikely to get you into any issues, the websites in itself are illegal, as they promote and facilitate solicitation of prostitution and related services. A quick look at the website will quickly reveal how they are doing that. These are clearly not escort sites, and are listing sites for foreign prostitutes to work in SG.

This means that TTvip7 and TTvip are actually illegal to be operated within Singapore. Same goes for sites such as SGlala and TSRJOX. Now, all is good and well if you do not use them. However, if you engaged any of their women, and their website and girls are caught by the Singapore Police Force while you are with one of their girls, there is an extremely high chance that while you may not necessarily be prosecuted, you will almost definitely be questioned and interrogated by the police. If you want to avoid such unnecessary embarrassment, only engage legal providers from agencies. In fact, even freelance places like the now defunct Backpage can be shut down.

Additionally, the women working on those sites are almost exclusively foreigners working under social visit passes. In other words, these women are working under a VISA which does not allow them to work in the city! So these women may also get caught for working illegally, and if they do get caught for that, you may also potentially get questioned.

Why go through all these troubles?

Keep in mind we are not law practitioners, and the above is just general tips. If you want legal advice, seek a local lawyer.

Also before booking, make sure to check out our FAQS here!

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