Why You Should Use An Escort Agency Over Freelancers

When it comes to using an agency, you get the benefit of having a middleman verify the looks, identity, age and other details of the escort you are intending to meet. Most agencies will be able to act as a safeguard against girls who look nothing like their images. However, there is a super important caveat right here. You need to only find and engage from a reputable company in Singapore.

Some unethical freelancers have the incentive to lie to you and send you fake images. There is a reason why freelancers images look so ‘non amateur’ – because they are mostly fake images of models some took from online. When the girl turns up, you will realize she looks nothing like the image. If you want a real local SG girl, then stop getting lied to and find an agency instead. Virtually all companies have their own website, so if you only see them on some free website or just listing a number, it is likely defunct or a pure scam! Companies like ours have our own websites.

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