How To Actually Ensure Photos Received Of The Girl Are Real?

If you are looking to engage the services of an escort in Singapore, you must be wondering how can you ascertain that the pictures are real. Here are a few tips which works great if you are looking for one in our country. If you want a straight to the point summary – a company like ours would be able to provide you with real images only.

Use an escort agency instead

While you could always use the services of an independent girl in Singapore, it is utterly imperative that if you are looking for real images before making your decision, look for an agency. A company has no incentive to lie – we can recommend you another if you do not like the first one and so on. Regardless of which girl we recommend to you as a customer, we only benefit if you like the person, and you feel that the recommendation is made genuinely. Therefore, we will simply refer you another girl if you do not like the first recommendation, and so on and so forth.

However, an independent cannot just refer you to another person, or she would not make any money at all! Therefore, if you noticed, many of them use either fake images, or write complete nonsense for the details of themselves on their booking pages. They are in fact notorious for doing such actions – so beware!

We explain more about this photo phenomenon and more about why you should use an agency here.

If they are a real Singaporean, the photos will be censored

While the degree of censors may vary, if you see a full face picture of a girl, chances are, she is not true local Singaporean. This is a very big hint to you clients out there. This is a simple trick, do not get cheated! If you see full face images, it is likely a Googled for or stolen image. If you see a partially censored one, there is a good chance the picture is genuine.

While this practice may vary from country to country, it certainly is the case for SG.

Here are some further tips to also make sure that the lady you found is truly local!

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