Dating Apps In Singapore – Good Or Bad?

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Dating apps – are they effective or not in Singapore?

While some argue for it, some do not. The truth is, they are usually not that effective for men, and the following are some common reasons why.

While there are other alternative options such as sugar dating websites, and escort websites such as ours, we will only talk about traditional mobile dating applications such as Tinder, Paktor, OkCupid and whatnot in this article.

Men outnumber women on these dating apps

These websites usually have a significantly larger proportion of male users than female users. This means that you are already playing a losing game right from the start.

It is very appearance based

Your success or failure is probably based largely on two key factors – your looks, and how good you are at taking photographs of yourself.

If you are not that handsome, or are just horrible at taking non cheesy looking images of yourself, then you will have a hard time no matter how good your other traits are.

Most girls are inactive

Most men and women in Singapore only sign up to such dating apps for the fun of it. Many of them leave never to return, or only to return years later. Unfortunately, most of these applications still show you inactive users, and even if you do get matched, you will find that many are no longer using the application or website!

Many girls sign up only for validation purposes

Many girls simply put a great looking image of themselves on their profile, just to see how many right swipes they can accumulate. It is a sick game of ego boosting for girls. And unfortunately for men, there is a disgusting ratio of men to women on such apps. This means that even average or below average girls will get way more right swipes than a very attractive man. Talk about playing a losing game right from the start!

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