Why SG Girls Are Preferred By Clients In South East Asia

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When clients come to the South East Asia region, there is no doubt that if they are going to meet an escort, she is going to be a SG girl. Reasons for that are plentiful.

Why SG Girls Are Preferred

  • They are fluent in English and Mandarin. Many business visitors to the South East Asian region speak either English or Mandarin as their first or second language. Most of them are either from Europe, America or Chinese regions. Singaporean girls are perfect for these clients as they are usually fluent in both English and Mandarin.
  • They are highly educated. Businessmen clients usually want smarter girls. Since most Singaporean girls who work as social escorts are usually Diploma certified or higher, they are able to converse intellectually with the client. They are not high school or even elementary school drop outs like some girls in other neighbouring countries usually are.
  • Most Singaporean girls are only part time escorts, and they do not look like one. This is definitely a plus point for many men out there who are considering meeting one. Even for men who think that typical escort dressing is hot, they prefer if the girl they meet does not look like a professional.

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