Are Escorts The Same As Prostitutes?

escorts versus prostitutes

Singapore Prostitutes and Escorts Differences

You might have heard of the term Social Escort somewhere in your googling effort years ago. Have you ever thought of what exactly is a social escort? Is it the same as a prostitute? Do you sell your body in exchange for money? Aren’t Social Escorts just another high-class sounding term for prostitutes? Is a social escort agency the same as a brothel?

Same Industry, different profession

The truth is, they are both in the entertainment industry and they are considered personal services. But that is all. The similarities between social escorts and prostitutes end here.

It might be a callous mistake to assume that social escorts are the same as prostitutes.

The differences between prostitutes and social escorts are akin to the differences between human and the ape. There are similarities between the two, but overall vastly different species.

We will explore the main differences between the two and shed some light on common misconceptions of Social Escorts in Singapore.

1. Type of Services

  • Prostitutes

The type of services offered by prostitutes is usually related to those of physical contact. The product that is sold is sex. The usual service duration for a prostitute is roughly 45 minutes to 1 hour. The cost per hour for the service of a prostitute in Singapore is usually around $80-120. The measurements from different prostitutes or agencies may be different and be related to activities performed instead of the hourly basis. Activities include terms like BBBJ, BDSM, BKK and many more. (Google it if you do not know what these means)

The skillset of a prostitute involves being able to perform well in the bedroom and that’s probably all.

The demand comes from the need for fulfillment of sexual desires by clients. Prostitutes provide a channel for the exploration of sexual needs that may not be found in the client’s daily life.

  • Escorts

Escorts, on the other hand, are paid for their time spent together with the client. They are considered as providers of companionship services. A typical service may include a dinner date, banquet or an event. The service duration of a typical date hangs around 2 to 4 hours on average. Sometimes popular escorts are even requested for overseas holidays. The costs of hiring an escort companion are usually around $600 to 1,000 per hour. Escorts that are models from Russian or Europe usually go by at least a thousand per hour. These are considered premium escorts.

“Escorts are so expensive! Why would anyone want to pay a thousand an hour?” you may ask. Escorts are demanded by clients who prefer intellectual and sensual engagements. These escorts do not only need to be good at holding a conversation, but they are also required to have a high level of Emotional Quotient (EQ) and empathy.

These high EQ girls are mostly also very well-educated college university students or even graduates.

The experience with an escort is vastly different compared to a prostitute. Which brings us to the next segment below.

2. Client’s Experience

  • Prostitutes

Since most people already know that prostitute provides service for the physical needs of human beings, we should also know that it comes with the respective drawbacks.

If you are paying for a prostitute, you might be familiar with the sense of emptiness and dissatisfaction after the physical service.

Humans are emotional creatures. We seek the opposite gender for a certain sense of fulfillment somewhere in your heart. We tend to have underlying Freudian gaps that need to be filled. This is the main reason why most guys find prostitutes after a breakup, divorce, work or family issues.

The sense of emptiness stems from the projection of your ideal girlfriend or a loved one onto the prostitute, but she is not fulfilling the role you want her to. This creates a subconscious emptiness that is a downwards=spiral for your mental wellness.

Prostitutes are usually not selected by pimps because the money comes when they serve as many clients as possible. The prostitutes are, therefore, being engaged by ANYONE and EVERYONE FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE. You just need one train-wreck and your entire evening will be ruined. (Those on SBF or LAKSABOY would know about it)


After all, you are only paying $80-120 to try your luck in finding that missing jigsaw piece that most men are finding… what do you think are the odds?

  • Escorts

Escorts, on the other hand, hit the spot like an ice-cold Heineken on a hot sunny day. These ladies are not only beautiful in appearances, but are also highly skilled in placating the emotional needs of a big grown man.

A meeting with a social escort is very much like a date with your girlfriend or ex who loved you unconditionally the way you are. Escorts put in their heart and soul into every chanced meeting with a client.

Fate is a cruel mistress. Some escorts even fell in love with their clients, but they must refrain from progressing because of confidentiality purposes for clients and themselves.

Clients who visit escorts do so for various reasons. They are listed below but not in order of priority. Legit premium escort agencies do provide the following:

    • The REAL Girlfriend Experience (GFE): I am not talking about the GFE in sex forum listings where the prostitutes try to chat you up and hide their uncaring attitude. Don’t blame them as their job is to make a male release his biological seeds and call that a service. We mean the REAL GFE. here they go out on a date and the activities are decided by the clients. It can be a date in the hotel room, a park or a public meeting to showcase your beautiful model. You will find the conversation and meeting with an escort much more sensual and meaningful as both of you are able to connect on a deeper level.
    • Anonymous Relationships: Some men who are rich and powerful want to explore a different relationship dynamic with another lady without letting others know. A usual lady would want to be validated as a girlfriend and be shown to his family members. Sometimes this may be an issue for the men as they need the anonymity.
    • Time & Location Flexibility: We know that it can be tiring as your work and businesses get busy. Sometimes you only got a few hours of free time before you got called in to settle some management issues back at your workplace. The last thing you would like is a lady who wants to be pampered and spoiled texting you where are you all the time. An escort only meets you when you like, and they can meet at most locations of your preference. Some agencies do provide overseas vacation services too, and luxurious is an understatement!
    • Quality of Girls: Any females can spread their legs in the bed (If they want to). But escorts are different. They are expected to have high social skills too apart from looking like a hot model. Prostitutes are usually not curated as the pimps just want them to serve as many clients as possible. Escorts, on the other hand, are carefully curated by agencies as they serve a premium clientele. Agencies would want their clients to be satisfied as the main bulk of businesses comes from referral and existing clients.
    • Safety: How would it feel if you receive a phone call one day and they tell you to cough up $5,000 or else your secret rendezvous will be publicized to your loved ones. Do you know that most prostitutes and some escort agencies in Singapore are controlled by Mafia? By engaging the service of a prostitute or escort, they can collect your information in their database. Afterward, they engage hackers to steal your information from (Email, Mobile Phones etc) to blackmail you for a large amount of ransom. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right social escort agency


3. Income

There is a very straightforward income disparity between the prostitute and an escort girl. In Singapore’s economy, a prostitute makes around $50-90 after the cut from her pimp, while an escort makes around $400-700 after the introducer fee from her agency depending on the cut agreed beforehand. We can see that an escort makes 7 to 10 times more than the typical prostitute.

The prostitute has to serve 10 customers to make the same amount of what an escort makes.

What do you think will be their quality differences?

We know that your earnings are a BYPRODUCT OF THE VALUE you create for society. Studies also show that the more we care for your customer, the more income you make.

The reason why an escort makes so much is that of the quality and differentiative type of service compared to your typical prostitute. An escort cares about your satisfaction from the hours you have spent with her.

4. Legal Landscape

According to Singapore’s Women’s Charter Law, public solicitation is downright illegal and so is living on the livings of a prostitute. This is a reason why prostitutes and their agency risk appearing in court. There are many implications of soliciting for sex and being the consumer of it. This legal landscape on prostitution is a tricky one. The risk is just too great for both the agencies and clients.

The only exception to this is the brothels in Geylang that have licenses issued by the Anti-Vice of Singapore Police Force, making them safe to operate in Singapore. These brothels are usually servicing foreign labour workers of Singapore.

Escorting is a personal service that allows escorts to sell her time and proficiency in social areas. Engaging an escort is just like buying a sashimi bento box. What you get is what you see. It doesn’t come with a time bomb. You are in no way infringing any laws in Singapore.

In a Nutshell… or Bento Box

Escorts sell time and companionship, while prostitutes sell sexual services.

Escorts can make many times the amount of a prostitute because of the excellent quality service that many men desire. It permeates beyond the skin to reach the soul.

Escorts are legal in Singapore, and so is engaging the services of escorts.

(Pro-Tip: Remember, always play safe and get the best escort agency in Singapore! Don’t risk being blackmailed by the Mafia!)

Now we know the main differences between a prostitute and an escort, be sure to think of this article the next time you have your sashimi bento!

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