Why Are Social Escorts In Hot Demand In Singapore?

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Why do many men search for escorts in Singapore?

It is not a secret that escorts are usually in hot demand. If you are, you can get one from our agency today. However, it is particularly popular in Singapore. Why is that the case? There are many reasons. Below are some of the most common reasons why.

Singapore is home to a lot of wealthy investors and businessmen

This means that there are many wealthy people in Singapore. In fact, Singapore has one of the highest per capita number of millionaires. Social escorts, just like cars and houses in Singapore do not come cheap. This means that only the rich can afford them. Fortunately, Singapore has endless supplies of millionaires and other rich people looking for a social escort.

Singapore also attracts lots of rich tourists

Due to the high cost and standard of living in Singapore, only the rich expats and tourists feel inclined to visit Singapore. The rich like to spend on all kinds of entertainment – casinos, luxury shopping, and social escorts are also a great form of entertainment for wealthy male tourists.

Singapore hosts lots of business conventions

There are many employees who travel for business conventions. However, there are also lots of businessmen who travel for business conventions. With lots of conventions and expos being held in Singapore, many wealthy men arrive in Singapore. However in the evening or night or during off days when they have nothing to do, they may look for social escorts.

Face is considered very important in Singapore, and most Asian countries

Some clients engage social escorts for private dates, while others engage them for being an arm candy at private or public events. This means that pulling up to a hotel lobby or event with a hot car and hot lady is essential to impress. As Singapore is still an Asian country with Asian or Chinese cultures predominantly, face is very important. By having a pretty girl on your arms, your status level will be raised. It is exactly like driving a hot sports car into a hotel lobby and have everyone stare at you.

Singaporean girls are also very popular among tourists

With both looks and eloquence, Singaporean female escorts are preferred by many – both locals and foreigners. Since most tourists also travel around the South East Asia region when travelling to Singapore, if they wish to meet a social escort, they prefer meeting one in Singapore. Singapore girls are much more educated, eloquent and classy when compared to many escorts of surrounding countries. This is because Singaporeans are fluent in conversational English and understand perfect English. This aids in making the entire experience much more pleasurable.

Looking at a pretty foreign girl not from Singapore who cannot speak English at all is not an exciting thought when engaging a social escort. That is why, if the tourists are going to spend money on escort services, English speaking tourists would usually visit escort agencies in Singapore instead. Communication is just much simpler. In fact, since English and Chinese are among the two most commonly spoken languages around the world, and Singaporean girls can speak both, this just serve as a further icing on the cake!

If you have any further questions about dating a paid female companion in Singapore, you may want to check out our FAQS!

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