Why Are Singaporean Escorts Preferred By Clients?

Why do many clients prefer a local Singaporean social escort?

Most clients when they arrive in Singapore, prefer a local Singaporean social escort. It is rare that you see a person looking for a foreigner in SG. Here are some of the reasons why that is the case.

Local SG girls are smart and eloquent

Local Singaporean escort girls be it from an agency such as ours or independent, are usually smart and educated. One of the main irks by clients when they meet an escort is that the girl is a pure bimbo. Most girls in foreign countries, or foreign escorts working illegally in Singapore are bimbos. They have looks with no brains. If you want the full package – pretty girls with brains to go along with it, you can only stick to Singaporean models. If you want to meet an intelligent and even more gorgeous escort, then you may contact us here.

Escort girls in Singapore are natural beauties and not filled with plastic surgery

Singaporean social escorts also tend to be natural looking. It is common for escorts in the UK or the USA to look as though they are made of plastic. Many escorts in UK and USA go through extensive plastic surgery for their face and bodies, and end up looking fake. There may be clients into such girls. However, for the large majority of men and clients, they prefer a natural beauty. Singapore girls are exactly that. In fact, if you want to meet a ‘girl next door’ or ‘real lady’, then Singapore escort girls are really your best option.

Social escorts in Singapore are rarely ‘full time’

There are lots of clients who prefer meeting an escort who does escort work and services part time. They do not want a lady who is ‘seasoned’, and prefers girls who only work part time. Good news if you have such a preference too! Because Singaporean models usually only work on a part time basis. Most of them are either office ladies, students, models or Instagram influencers for their ‘day job’!

If you are a local SG lady and would like to work, click here to apply for a female escort job. As you can tell from the above, many highly successful and wealthy men and clients would love to meet you!

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